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JLT (School Council)

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Our Junior Leadership Team

(School Council)

JLT – The Junior Leadership Team


Every Thursday afternoon our JLT meet to discuss issues going on in school, plan fundraising activities, enter competitions, help or support school wide activities or talk and debate topical issues.


JLT is run by Mr Burrowes while members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) regularly attend to answer questions or concerns from the JLT members.


Our local Community Police Officer works regularly with the JLT and working with him we have made a positive impact on our local community by cleaning and reporting litter and fly tipping.


The JLT have forged links with the School Council at Southcote Primary school and shared ideas .We look forward to working with them in the future.


JLT is made up of two representatives from every class from Y2 to Y6, the representatives are elected for the position each year.


JLT really does give the children a voice and an understanding of how democracy works and it is very much part of our school D.N.A.


Mr Burrowes

Sept 2017



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