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Katesgrove Primary School Aspire to be the best we can!




Please let us know if you are aware of any medical problems that your child has as this will help ensure that your child has a happy and stress free time at Katesgrove. All concerns are dealt with discreetly and sensitively. If needs be your child will feature on our medical alert notice board but these are in staff areas only.


The school nurse carries out routine tests and checks. She is also available on request for any of your needs. If a child is taken ill at school or has an accident that requires further treatment we will always contact you immediately. If we are unable to contact you we will take responsibility for getting your child to hospital and staying with them until you arrive.


As in all schools children sustain minor injuries whilst they are at school. Any injury that we deal with is recorded in the accident book. If there is an injury to the child’s head or a more serious injury, the child will have an alert sticker to let you know. If we feel it warrants it, we will contact you for your advice and may ask you to collect your child.



Medicines can only be administered at school by prior arrangement. Parents are asked to provide the medicine clearly labelled. If it is a prescribed medicine it can only be accepted in its original dispensed packaging. This should be handed into the School Office where you will be asked to fill out a consent form.



If your child requires an epipen for a severe allergic reaction then please ensure that we have one for the classroom and office. You will also need to complete a consent form for this from the Primary Care Trust.



We are happy to store individual children’s inhalers in the school office. Children are able to access their inhaler whenever it is needed. The children are supervised when they use their inhalers.


A consent form must be completed before we are able to administer any medicine. You will also need to complete a healthcare plan if your child has an ongoing medical condition. Medicine consent forms are available from the School Office.