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Term 6 2018-19

Term 6 2018-19

Our learning this term


We have had a busy final term in nursery! Our topic this term was ‘Our Wonderful World’.


We have enjoyed searching for mini beasts in the garden and learning their names. We have learnt what the different parts of a plant are called and what a plant needs to grow. We smelt lots of different herbs.



We shared the story ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly. We learnt a poem called ‘caterpillar caterpillar’ and had a go at reciting this independently, using actions. We had our very own caterpillars in nursery so we got to see the life cycle first hand! It was so exciting to see them go into their cocoons and then emerge as butterflies. We watched them fly away in the nursery garden. We explored pattern when looking at lots of examples of butterfly wings.



Our role play area has been a mini beast lab and we have had fun using the magnifying glasses to explore what different insects that we have found in the garden look like close up. We have made lots of beautiful flower pictures and mini beast crafts both inside and in the garden on a larger scale. We painted large butterflies and caterpillars, learning how to mix primary colours to make new colours.



Lots of our nursery children are leaving to go to Reception so we wish them lots of luck! They will be very missed. Some of our children are staying at nursery and we look forward to hearing all their exciting summer holiday news when they return in September.


Thank you to those of you who came along to our picnic and play at the park. It was great for the children of both classes to mix as a lot of them will now be together in Reception.


Our topic in September will be ‘Marvellous Me’. During this topic we will be getting to know our new nursery children, talking about the people in our families and what our favourite toys are. We will have a visit from a baby and its Mummy.


We hope you all have a wonderful summer!

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