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Term 5 2018-19

Term 5 2018-19

Our learning this term


Experiences to remember from Term 5

 In English, we started Term 5 by learning about the features of an explanation text. The unit culminated in the children creating their own scientific explanation text about a food chain between grass-slug-frog-heron. In Science, the children acted out the food chain and discovered what would happen if there were too many or too few of a certain animal. The children watched videos to see how each animal found and digested their food. They were then asked to turn this experience into an explanation text. Year Four then shared their final published work with Year 3. The children focused on the audience and purpose of the explanation text. We also write frog shape poems to finish the term.




In Guided Reading we looked at the structure of a non-fiction text in preparation for our work on explanation texts in English. We also developed our inference skills, ensuring we included evidence from the text to prove our thinking. Finally, we started the novel Butterfly Lion which the children are thoroughly enjoying. We will continue to read the novel in Term 6.


In Maths, we continued our work on shapes and their properties, plotting missing coordinates of a polygon on a coordinates grid. The children furthered and consolidated their knowledge on angles. Following on from the production, we looked at time and distance graphs between a hare and a tortoise. The children went outside and made their own time/distance graphs with their own stories: stopping to tie shoes laces, going back to pick up a lost hat. They then drew their graph on the ground in chalk, marking the change in line direction with the event that happened. We built on this knowledge by analysing discrete and continuous data graphs.


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