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Term 5 2018-19

Term 5 2018-19

Our learning this term


Topic: Habitat Safari/Secret Agent Training School

What an exciting term we have had in Year 2 continuing our learning about habitats. Following our school trip to Thatcham Nature Discovery Centre, we wrote an informative and entertaining recount of what we did. To deepen our learning we had a Science Day, looking closer at habitats and microhabitats, and why they are suitable for certain creatures to live there. Here we also learned about food chains and sorting objects that were living, non-living or never alive.




To our amazement we received a special delivery from Her Majesty the Queen, inviting us to take part in Secret Agent Training School. How exciting! During this time we came up with our own secret identity and took part in a range of special missions including code breaking, an obstacle course, a laser challenge, spy boot-camp and solving a case. This was a great opportunity to do some writing such as our character descriptions, a spy story and a recount.





We have had a wonderful term reading and writing all about The Day The Crayons Quit and How To Hide a Lion. As well as learning about recounts we have been learning how to write a letter and invented our own version of How To Hide a Lion. We incorporated humour into our writing by pretending to be either a pencil, purple pen, glue stick, ruler or exercise book complaining about how we use them incorrectly.



We have spent a lot of time revisiting all the skills we’ve learnt this term. We have been working on our skills on time, inverse, addition and subtraction, place value, 2D and 3D shape, measure, money and statistics. Every day we are still practising our super 6 of -, +, x and divide as well as word problems and building on our reasoning skills.



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