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Term 4 2018-19

Term 4 2018-19

Our learning this term


We had an exciting and busy Term 4! The whole of Year 5 visited The Living Rainforest to support our learning in topic. Some of us were lucky enough top spot a sloth high above in the trees! We also managed to visit Reading College for Science week where we watched and interacted with a number of science experiments that were led by the college students. This trip was really exciting and the feedback from the children was phenomenal.


Some of our cohort managed to pass the auditions to take part in Katesgrove’s got Talent. This was a brilliant production and enjoyed by everyone.  We were proud of them!


We focused on decimals, fractions, area and perimeter. These were quite tricky topics that challenged many of our children; we will revisit these again in Term 6.


In English we did really well in polishing up on our editing and redrafting skills. We focused on audience and purpose, allowing our children to read their work to other children in the school.

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