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Term 4 2018-19

Term 4 2018-19

Our learning this term




Throughout Term 4, Year 4 children were in the full throws of a production. We held auditions and from that children were given lines to learn, props to make, dance routines to learn, programs to design and songs to sing. The children rose to the challenge producing a fun-filled show which I’m sure, if you had the chance to see it, produced many lovely experiences and memories for the children as well as those who watched it.      



In English, we started Term 4 by learning about the features of a fable. The unit culminated in the children creating their own fable with a moral. Still sticking with our fables theme, the children were treated to an epic race between Miss Monger and Miss Hastings which was reminiscent of the fable ‘The Hare and the Tortoise.’ They were then asked to turn this experience into a newspaper. This paved the way for the children to independently write an article for the animals of Evergreen Valley (the setting of the play Zoom!). The children focused on the audience and purpose of the newspaper article.



In Maths, we tackled fractions - recognising and finding equivalent fractions and rounding to the nearest whole. We discussed the links between fractions and division and fractions and decimals. We then dipped our toes into shapes and their properties. The children explored the angles in their environment, using an angle finder that they had made themselves.



In Guided Reading we have been exploring and using new and interesting vocabulary to build our ‘Goldilocks’ words.


We finished the term focusing on the skill of comparing and contrasting and concluded with the children making Venn diagrams using paper plates to compare two fables.


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