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Term 4 2018-19

Term 4 2018-19

Our learning this term


Topic: The Great Fire of London

What a thrilling term we have had in Year 2 learning all about the Great Fire of London. We’ve had an exciting time re-enacting the Great Fire of London, watching some wooden houses burn down and have produced some amazing pieces of writing inspired by the events including a non chronological report and a diary entry.  We used the topic as an opportunity for cross curricular learning looking at direction and turns when we took part in a blind fold game to avoid the flames on the playground. We applied this learning to look at using Beebots to direct them to a safe place. Later we looked at timelines of the events and did a book study to find out more information and gain more vocabulary.


We’ve had some beautiful artwork produced on our art day as we experimented with tints and shades as well as paint with different materials such as sand, rice and PVA glue. We then used this experimental artistry to recreate or produce work inspired by Paul Klee’s Fire, Full Moon.

As a gateway into next term we also went on a wonderful trip to Thatcham’s Nature Discovery Centre to investigate different habitats. This included a habitat safari, holding and searching for minibeasts in the woodlands and pond dipping. We found lots of creepy crawlies and felt inspired and excited for next term!



We have had a wonderful term reading and writing about the Great Fire of London. As well as learning about recounts and Non Chronological Reports we have also been looking at the story  The Three Javelinas , a western version of the three little pigs. We have thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and have invented our own version to read to children in foundation stage.



We have spent a lot of time this term revisiting all the skills we’ve learnt this term. We have been working on our skills on time, inverse, addition and subtraction, place value, 2D and 3D shape, measure, money and statistics. Every day we are still practising our super 6 of -, +, x and divide as well as word problems and building on our reasoning skills.



We have been discovering which material would be the best to build a house with. To test the materials we collected data on which were most suitable in experiments where we learnt a lot of new scientific vocabulary such as waterproof, absorbent, transparent, opaque and flexible. Then we learnt about the difference between man made and natural materials.

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