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Term 4 2018-19

Term 4 2018-19

Our learning this term


Reception has greatly enjoyed this term’s topic on Brilliant Books. We started with Michael Rosen’s classic tale ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. The children learnt about the different settings where the story takes place and how to re-tell the story using a story map and actions. Our second brilliant book was ‘I’m Sure I saw a Dinosaur’ by Jeanne Willis that linked well with the honesty value and with our people who can help us theme. Children have talked and written about their favourite dinosaurs and they have made amazing dinosaur skeletons. Our third brilliant book was Julia Donaldson’s ‘The Gruffalo’. Lots of the children were familiar with the story and picked it up very quickly. We were delighted to see so many of the children incorporating these stories into their play by creating story maps, drawing, labelling and writing about the different characters.



Around The World Book Day was one of the many highlights of this term. The children dressed up as their favourite book characters and took off to visit China, Egypt and Mexico. They learnt about the different traditions, languages and stories; they hand printed cactus, made maracas, tried to write their names using hieroglyphs, had fun wrapping themselves in toilet paper pretending to be Egyptian mummies and had a relaxing session of Thai Chi.  In each country children also had the opportunity to taste different food: tortillas, noodles and pita bread with hummus - what a delicious day they all had!



Another highlight of this busy term was Forest School. We met Mother Nature and helped her to find signs of spring; we found out about the animals that live in the woods and we made homes for them using things that we found. We then used mirrors to look at the woods from different angles before enjoying a well-deserved banana break! At the end of the afternoon we had some free play. We had great fun digging for worms, making chocolate mud paint and learning how to climb trees safely.


In Literacy we have concentrated on developing our Oracy skills, speaking in full sentences. We have been using our phonics sounds and high frequency words in our writing and developing our understanding about what we’re reading, answering why and how questions.


In Maths we named and described solid shapes, explored capacity, measured, created patterns, secured one less and one more than a given number, doubled, shared equally between two and practically explored numbers up to 20.




KWG / Free Flow

We used these times to promote writing, develop maths skills and enhance the children’s social skills within a small group setting. The role-play was extremely busy and children especially loved the Dinosaur Museum and the Gruffalo café.


Mother’s Day

We also celebrated Mother’s Day by inviting mums for a special tea where we performed our songs, acted out a story and proudly offered them the cards and biscuits we had made.


We are looking forward to continuing our learning journey next term when our new topic will be Our Wonderful World.



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