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Term 3 2019-20

Term 3 2019-20

Our learning this term


What a wonderful term we have had in year 1 and looking back at the children's books, it is wonderful to see the great progress they have made.


We started our term with an Under the Sea Art day to introduce our topic. The children had fun sketching shells and designing their own sea creatures using both clay and paper plates. This really helped to whet their appetite for the exciting learning to come!


In English the term started with learning Julia Donaldson’s The Snail and the Whale. The children had fun learning the story and making up their own actions to go with it. We then went on to write our own innovated version of the story with new characters and a new setting. We think Julia Donaldson would be very proud of the children’s work! We then moved on to looking at non-fiction books. We taught the children the features of non-fiction books and the children wrote their own book about whales. Over the holiday, why not ask your child to write a fact book about another animal of their choosing. Perhaps you could go to the library to research the animal first. Towards the end of term, we wrote pirate diaries! We took the children on an adventure (around the classroom!) pretending we were visiting parts of the United Kingdom. The children remembered all the features of diaries and their work really was very impressive. Over the holidays, your child might enjoy writing a diary – we would love to read them.


We have been busy in Maths too. The children have learnt to name and describe flat and solid shapes, they are able to tell the time both to o’clock and half past and we have started looking at fractions. The children have been taught to find half and quarter of both shapes and numbers. We have also been learning about position and direction as the year 1 expectation is that children can make whole, half, quarter and three quarter turns both clockwise and anti-clockwise. Over the holidays, keep counting with your child (they can count to 100!) You can also practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and look for shapes when you are out and about. Why not see if your child can name and describe them?


We have had a lot of fun in our Under the Sea topic. The children enjoyed learning their compass directions and used their knowledge to find pirate treasure! They have also learnt about the best materials to make a boat and they made their very own boats too! We are currently learning about Ellen Macarthur and the children have been busy making their own fact files about her!



We hope that you have a lovely holiday and we will look forward to continuing our learning journey with the children next term.


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