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Term 3 2019-20

Term 3 2019-20

Our learning this term


Year 6 have continued to work hard, learn new concepts and improve their skills. 


In Maths, we focused on shape: looking at how to calculate area, perimeter and volume. We also continued with our weekly arithmetic tests to ensure that the children could improve their basic numeracy skills. In our maths lessons we also worked on word problems to tackle fluency problems and use their reasoning skills to demonstrate their understanding. 


In English, we have continued to focus on vocabulary, retrieving information and making inferences and deductions using quotes from the text as evidence.  Our children have particularly enjoyed our work based on ‘Floodland’ and this will carry on into Term 4. They have written letters, diaries, speeches and various descriptive paragraphs.


In our Topic lessons the children have been finding out about coasts and how different features are formed – this exciting work has clearly engaged many of the children based on the great homework we received.


A huge well done to those children that chose to do the extra points homework.


All three Year 6 classes will continue to work hard.  As we get closer to the SATS we will focus on exam technique and ensure gaps in their understanding of the curriculum are filled. They will continue to receive weekly homework based on their class work and we thank you for your continued support with this.


If you have purchased the CGP books, please continue to use them. They are clearly helping them in their school work.

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