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Term 3 2019-20

Term 3 2019-20

Our learning this term


Experiences to remember from Term 3


Across the Pond

During term 3, we looked at different locations around Italy and compared them to the UK. Children found it exciting to explore a new country and culture! They also learned how to read 4-digit grid references, putting their skills to the test in a game of Battleships.  In art, we have been practising our painting skills using the medium of watercolours. We created some beautiful artwork inspired by the wonderful land of Narnia.



In order to learn about living things and their habitats, we have been learning how to group different living things using classification keys.


A journey through …

In English, we started term 3 with the discovery of a mysterious door. We inferred where the door might have come from and what might be behind it. This led us to the novel The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. We took inspiration from the book to write a variety of text types, from a letter as a child evacuee, to a non- chronological report about a Narnian creature. As well as this, we have continued to develop our descriptive writing skills through writing a journey narrative inspired by the Pevensie children and their adventures. We continued to improve our writing by including a range of expanded noun phrases, subordinating conjunctions and fronted adverbials.



In maths, we continued our times tables practice by applying our reasoning and problem solving skills.  We have been working on our “Super 6”, which covers the basic arithmetic of +, - , x and ÷. We have also learnt about fractions and made links between this and multiplication and division. We ended term 3 by exploring shape and classifying shapes based on their properties.



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