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Term 3 2019-20

Term 3 2019-20

Our learning this term


We have had a great term in nursery!


We had lots of new children start nursery in January. It was hard leaving parents and carers for the first time but everyone has settled in now and we finished the term on a high! We also had new staff and they have settled in too! The existing children have been brilliant in coping with the different faces and changes – visitors to the nursery commented on how happy all the children were,

calmly engaged in their learning and play. Well done everyone!


Our topic this term has been ‘Busy Bears’ and our learning was based on two books - ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?’ and ‘Goldilocks and the 3 Bears’.


‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?’  ‘I see a purple cat looking at me!’

We can move like cats!





The children enjoyed role play in The 3 Bears House, acting out the story with Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear, Baby Bear and Goldilocks!



   Reading with torches …………….............. in the Bear’s den!          Bears like porridge?!



We can match by size …’Daddy…big chair…’                                 Aadvik’s story


Where do real bears live?      



Other learning:


Frosty mornings…Exploring ICE!


   Windy days... making KITES!     LOTS of rain… worms love it!  


In Term 4 our theme will be ‘Brilliant Books’. We will focus on the books ‘Dear Zoo’ and ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’ as a starting point for our learning. Our role play area inside the classroom will change into a Vet’s Surgery for some of the time and children will be able to borrow books from our library to share with you at home.


World Book Day is on Thursday 5th March and children can come to nursery dressed as their favourite book character.


We look forward to meeting with parents/carers to share your children’s successes and discuss next steps in their development and learning – new children (January 2020 starters) at the beginning of the term and existing children (2019 starters) towards the end of term.















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