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Term 3 2018-19

Term 3 2018-19

Our learning this term


In Term 3, we were busy in Year 5. We finished reading our novel 'Kensuke's KIngdom', which we thoroughly enjoyed. From this, we created a longer story with an alternative ending.


In Maths, we spent the whole term learning how to add, subtract, divide, order, simplify and find equivalent fractions. Now, that we have covered this part of curriculum, Year 5 children should be able to apply their knowledge to problem solving and reasoning.


In Topic we were learning about rainforests and visited The Living Rainforest in Theale. We learned about the ways animals and plants adapt to changes that allow them to survive. We also managed to spot the sloth sleeping high in the trees! We learnt lots about the different kinds of plants and how they are designed to cope with the rainforest conditions.


In PE, children were practicing playing badminton by holding rackets correctly and aiming in their opponent's direction using shuttlecocks. In gymnastics, children syncronised and created routines showing their balancing skills.



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