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Term 3 2018-19

Term 3 2018-19

Our learning this term


Location, Location, Location

During Term 3, we looked at different locations around Europe and compared Reading to Dusseldorf. Children found it exciting to explore a new culture! They also learned how to read a 4-digit grid references, putting their skills to the test in a game of Battle Ships. Looking further into our map skills, the children had fun sending Brian around the world using an 8 point compass.


In History, we found out about how the Anglo Saxons invaded and settled in England. The unit culminated with the children creating beautiful illuminated letters just like Saint Columba the monk would have.



In order to learn about living things and their habitats, the children paid close attention to the living things that were local to them and where they may encounter them. Using their Maths skills, children also sorted the properties of animals into Carroll and Venn diagrams. They learnt new scientific vocabulary and found out that humans are vertebrates!


 In English, we started Term 3 by using our oracy skills to present some changes the children wanted to see in Katesgrove School. After this, the children wrote letters to persuade Mrs Telling to choose their particular suggestion for change. Some wanted to persuade her to bring back golden time and some even wanted to make the school day shorter! We also continued to develop our descriptive writing using images and short film clips as a stimulus, which the children really enjoyed.


In Maths, we continued our times tables practice by applying our reasoning and problem solving skills. We continued to challenge ourselves by looking at the area of rectilinear shapes. When given torn shapes, the children had to use their investigation skills, working methodically to find what the complete shape would have looked like.





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