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Term 3 2018-19

Term 3 2018-19

Our learning this term


Topic: Rumble in the Jungle

We have had a wonderful term learning about life in the jungle. We received a letter from National Geographic who asked us to explore a newly discovered area – the Katesgrovian Jungle. We packed our bags full of equipment and had to measure out our drinks and food. We practised our measuring skills when we created our own jungle leaves and collected water in rain gauges. We also measured the temperature in the jungle over a few days and learned how to read thermometers.




We have looked at the art work of Henri Rousseau and Tiger in a tropical storm. We explored different textures by scrunching, twisting and layering before making our own jungle collages.



We have had a wonderful term reading and writing about the jungle. We have read non-fiction text Poisonous animals and practised how to retrieve information and understand new vocabulary. We loved finding out the meaning of new words in dictionaries! We also read and wrote our own version of Where the Wild Things Are. We have been working hard on using the new vocabulary we have read in our writing.



We have spent a lot of time this term working on multiplication and division and the methods we can use to answer questions. Some of us are doing brilliantly on TTRockstars and can answer questions in 2 seconds!



We have been discovering which conditions help plants to grow and we have kept a plant diary this term. We have also been learning about animals and what we need to survive.



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