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Term 2 2020-21

Term 2 2020-21

Our learning this term



This term we have been studying the novel Floodland. Set in a dystopian England, the novel follows a young girl on the perilous search for her parents across the flooded east of the country. Through analysis of the text and other dystopian novels, the children have produced a range of writing including: setting descriptions, balanced arguments and character analysis.




In maths, the children have been working on consolidating their knowledge of measurement, ratio, fractions and percentage. They have aimed to apply their work in a variety of contexts including creating recipes, analysing survey data and creating revision guides.




Our topic this term was the Anglo Saxons. The children used their previous knowledge of the Stone Age, Iron Age and the Vikings to contextualise the invasion of Britain by the Anglo Saxons, and develop an understanding of how Anglo Saxon Britain was ruled. Across the classes, the children wrote letters as Anglo Saxon emigrants, drew maps of Anglo Saxon England and analysed archaeological evidence.




In art, the children have been focusing on colour and texture. They have studied the art of Kandinsky and Matisse, and created their own interpretations of the art. Art has been integrated across other subjects and, in history, the children created their own illuminated manuscript in the style of Anglo Saxon lettering.




In science, the children have been learning about evolution and inheritance. Using examples from Darwin’s journey to the Galapagos, they have developed understanding of how living creatures change over time and how this relates to human evolution.



In geography, the children have been studying the agriculture, terrain and constituencies of the UK. When studying Floodland, the children used atlases to locate the main places from the book and understand why they were flooded.



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