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Term 2 2020-21

Term 2 2020-21


Our learning this term



This term we’ve really challenged ourselves while reading our class novel; The Explorer. 


We’ve loved reading about the adventures experienced by Fred, Con, Lila and Max and felt part of their dramatic journey through The Amazon Rainforest. We’ve investigated how the characters have changed over time, how their past experiences have made them who they are (not always in a positive way) and how their relationships with one another have evolved throughout the plot. We’ve loved linking our class novel with our ever growing understanding of The Amazon Rainforest through our topic work.  We have seen them meet sloths, caiman, piranhas and even eat some grubs!  We’ve loved learning lots of new vocabulary and have compared the different ways that Katherine Rundell starts her stories. We have used this book to write internal monologues, descriptive paragraphs, non-chronological reports, letters and an adventure story.


The Amazon Rainforest


We have had great fun understanding what life is like in the Amazon Rainforest. We have studied the Amazon is located, what countries it covers and the climate throughout the year.  We’ve imagined what it could be like to sit next to the Amazon river and studied in some detail the Amazonian City of Manuas. We had some powerful discussions on the idea of deforestation and the impact that has had on the Amazon rainforest and the wider world. We have created posters and speeches on this topic.






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