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Term 2 2020-21

Term 2 2020-21

Our learning this term


This term Year 2 have been on fire! We have learnt all about the Great Fire of London and the Gunpowder Plot. We wrote some fantastic recounts and setting descriptions and the adults were amazed by how many facts we remembered! Later in the term, we read ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and used our knowledge of setting descriptions to write one about the jungle in the story. We also designed our very own Wild Thing and wrote some excellent character descriptions on them. We learnt about the importance of adding lots of description by trying to draw Jack; he only had one leg and long, wavy hair all the way to his feet – none of us guessed this until he was described to us! Some of the things that we have been learning to use include: apostrophes, a range of conjunctions and the past and present tense. 



In Maths, we have continued to focus on our arithmetic skills (using the four operations, finding fractions of amounts and solving missing number questions) and have made great progress. In the first week of term we watched a video of fireworks and used our knowledge of statistics to create a range of charts; we also read and performed some lovely firework poems during this time! We have also learnt all about fractions, shapes and have practised making turns in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.



Our special days this term have included Great Fire of London/firework day, looking at the work of Paul Klee and creating our own take on his ‘Fire in the Evening’, creating lovely lollypop stick decorations (which we then wrote some wonderful instructions for) and identifying and describing a range of materials. We also got to toast marshmallows in the fire pit; we loved doing this and wrote some great poems afterwards! The children had great fun creating our calendars and Christmas decorations – we hope you like them!





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