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Term 2 2020-21

Term 2 2020-21

Our learning this term


We have come to the end of an enjoyable and productive term in Nursery and everyone is happy and settled in their learning and play. We have been working hard to develop our knowledge and understanding, to try new things and to learn new skills (as well as practicing our existing skills to improve them).  Well done everyone J


Our new outdoor equipment has given us new opportunities to develop our gross motor skills, such as balancing, climbing and shoulder strength.



Exploring ice painting and colour mixing



We have all developed confidence to ‘write’ our names on paintings etc by making our own marks or letter-shapes.



We have practiced making patterns. Some of us are ready to form the letters in our names…a b c d e…. (NB. please practice lower case letters at home)


Our focus this term has been ‘Celebrations’, including the festivals of Diwali, Guru Nanak’s birthday and Christmas. We celebrate the diverse cultures and traditions in our school. We encourage children to recall special events in their families and talk about them with pride, as they begin to understand that they have things in common with their friends, but also that they/their family is unique and special.




We had some Indian food. We made diwas and they looked beautiful with their lights shining.


Making ourselves at home in our Christmas house!



Watch the videos of our Christmas singing on Tapestry.

Enjoy and join in! We welcome your comments.


Next term there will be new starters in Nursery. We welcome new children, returning children and returning adults, as Miss Bernardi returns from maternity leave to be the Nursery Teacher.  Mrs Woolnough will, therefore, be saying a sad ‘Goodbye’ to all the children and parents as she leaves at the end of term.


Our topic will be Superheroes Rule! It will include a Superhero Day, when children will be able to come to Nursery dressed as a superhero!


We enjoyed talking to all the parents at the beginning of term in our telephone consultations and it was lovely to hear that your children love coming to Nursery every day. We appreciate such positive feedback, thank you.


We look forward to next term starting on Tuesday January 5th 2021.

Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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