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Term 2 2019-20

Term 2 2019-20

Our learning this term



It has been a fantastic term in English learning all about Pompeii. Based on all the information we gathered on the topic, we wrote a diary entry about the Mount Vesuvius eruption in 79AD and a Non-chronological report on Pompeii.



This term, we began by learning about perimeter. We looked at different shapes and measured all the sides to calculate the perimeter.  We also learnt how to multiply double digit numbers by partitioning. Finally, we looked into unit and non-unit fractions.

And of course, we consolidated the column method for addition and subtraction this term – we really love using the column method as it makes everything speedier! This is something we will continue to learning throughout the year and would appreciate it if you could practise with us at home every day.


Guided Reading

Our main focus this term has been looking at our comprehension skills. We have practised reading and understanding the text carefully, looked at how to identify key words in the question so we can answer questions accurately and appropriately.



We were researching Natural Disasters this term, and were thoroughly astounded looking at the damage caused by some of the worst disasters in history! We learnt the causes of volcanoes, earth quakes and tsunamis. We put into practise our geography skills to locate famous volcanos using 4 grid reference as well as using an atlas to locate the events of famous earthquakes and tsunamis.



We have been busy this term as scientists looking at Rocks, Fossils and Soil. We have observed, analysed and classified rocks into different groups based on appearance and properties. We have learnt how nature keeps a record of past animals and plants through the fossilisation process. Finally, we investigated what soil is made of and wrote a recipe for it.

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