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Term 2 2019-20

Term 2 2019-20

Our learning this term


What a fantastic term we have had in Year 1. The children have had lots of fun and we are so proud of the progress they are making.


Our topic for this term has been Moon Men and our English lessons began with learning Beegu. The children loved learning the story, adding actions and writing their own version with new characters and settings. Their writing is really going from strength to strength and it was lovely to see how proud the children were as they shared their stories with the rest of their class.


We then moved on to Simon Bartrum’s well-loved story, Man on the Moon. The children enjoyed studying Bob’s daily routine and comparing it to their own. Over the Christmas holidays, keep encouraging the children to write. Keeping a holiday diary, writing shopping lists or thank you letters after Christmas are all excellent opportunities to encourage writing.


Make sure the children are using their phonics and trying to remember their capital letters, finger spaces and full stops! It is also important to keep reading as often as you can with your child – perhaps enjoy a trip to the library so your child can choose their own books.


We have been busy in our Maths lessons too. We have been learning about shapes – both flat and solid and the children have worked really hard to remember their properties too. Lots of the children are able to use the vocabulary of faces, edges, vertices, corners and sides correctly which is lovely to hear. We have also been working hard on our number bonds to 20, practising our counting (all the way to 100), counting in 2s, 5s and 10s as well as practising our addition and subtraction. Why not ask your child about DJ number bonds – we are sure they would love to teach you!


The children have loved our afternoon topic lessons. They had fun learning about Neil Armstrong, Tim Peake and they absolutely loved designing and making their own rockets! They particularly enjoyed making their rockets extra powerful by adding springs and sliders! Why not ask your child what a slider is - we are sure they will love showing you!


A real highlight of this term was when we had a special visitor – why not ask your child who our visitor was? They had lots of fun asking him questions and finding out about his space mission!

We are looking forward to continuing our learning journey together next term when our new topic will be Under the Sea. Our term will start with an Art and DT day which we know the children will love.


We wish you all a very Happy Holiday and we look forward to seeing the children again in January.

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