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Term 2 2019-20

Term 2 2019-20

Our learning this term



This term in topic we had a very exciting time learning about the Victorians. We had a whole day of experienceology where we got to go into a Victorian classroom with a very strict teacher and travel down a mine! We learnt about Victorian home life where we got to have a close look at some Victorian artefacts. The children were very excited to learn about what life was like for children in Victorian times and, after finding out about the long, hard hours working in factories and coal mines, we all decided that we’re very lucky not to be in Victorian times anymore! We also received a visit from a lady from the British Legion who was very impressed with how much we already knew about Remembrance Day!




This term we focussed on non-fiction pieces of writing. We are continuing to challenge ourselves to use a wide range of vocabulary in our writing and are now also being more adventurous with our punctuation. A new area of learning for us has been how to use the past and present tense consistently in our writing. We applied all of our knowledge of the Victorians in a Non-Chronological Report - the amount of detail that some of us included was incredible! Next term we will continue to build on all that we have learnt so far this year and will build up our writing stamina even further.




In Maths this term we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes, from naming them to sorting, describing and comparing them. We pushed our knowledge even further by identifying a line of vertical symmetry and finding fractions of these shapes including halves, quarters and thirds. Some of the photos show how we became teachers for a lesson and taught each other how to find fractions with different numerators. We have continued to develop our super 6 skills of adding, subtracting, division, multiplication and missing number problems. Next term we will learn how to tell the time and will practise using coins to make different amounts. Please keep practising the 2, 5 and 10 times tables over the holidays as it takes lots of practice to build up the quick recall required for Year 2!




This term in Guided Reading our learning has revolved around the fictional text of Oliver Twist and a non-fiction text all about Florence Nightingale. We have been applying a range of skills using these texts, from retrieving key information and retelling to making inferences. We have even started to look at the challenge of making links between the focus text and other books we have read. We have also enjoyed using our new library; most of the books are brand new and were paid for with the money that we raised from our book fairs!


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