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Term 2 2018-19

Term 2 2018-19

Our learning this term



We learned about the First World War and marked the centenary since its end. We made a poppy wreath and enjoyed a visit from the Royal British Legion where we learned more about the work that is done to take care of servicemen and women and their families. We laid the wreaths and held a 2 minutes silence at Forbury Gardens. It was a very sombre moment and everyone behaved beautifully. Some of us also worked with Jelly’s artists to create poppy lanterns that were used as part of a display during Reading’s Remembrance service.



Last term in topic we had a very exciting time looking at Victorians. We learnt all about the lives of Victorian children, schools and even got a chance to meet Queen Victoria and Florence Nightingale! How exciting! We had several days of experienceology where we got to go into a Victorian classroom with a very strict teacher who gave some of us the dunce cap! We learnt about Victorian home life where we got to have a close look at some Victorian artefacts and even made mini victoria sponge cakes. Also we got to be part of Florence Nightingale’s team of nurses on her way to Crimea and we had to turn the dirty hospital into a clean and hygienic one (not to mention treating the soldiers the right way!). The children were very excited to learn about what life was like for children in Victorian times and after finding out the long, hard hours and dangers of working in factories, coal mines and chimney sweeps we all decided that we’re very lucky to not be in Victorian times anymore.



Last term we focussed on writing our own instructions inspired by the experiences we had. This included instructions on how to make a victoria sponge cake, how to be a good nurse and how to please a Victorian teacher. We have continued to focus on the correct use of full stops and capital letters along with using a variety of conjunctions and adjectives in our writing. We applied all of our knowledge of the Victorians into a Non Chronological Report and have created our own pieces of writing inspired by our topic such as letters, stories and diary entries. The children are improving their stamina for writing and showed real enthusiasm for writing.



We made a really good start to Maths last term, using lots of practical resources and written methods to help us develop our understanding of addition and subtraction. This term we have been looking at 2D and 3D shape from naming them to sorting, describing and comparing them. Within our 2D shape we pushed our knowledge even further by identifying a line of vertical symmetry and finding fractions of these shapes including halves, quarters and thirds. We have continued to develop our super 6 skills of adding, subtracting, division, multiplication and missing number problems.



This term in Guided Reading our focus has evolved around the fictional text of Oliver Twist and the Non-Fiction book of Florence Nightingale. We have also been applying a range of skills to these texts from retrieving key information, retelling and making inferences. We have even started to look at the challenge of making links between the focus text and other books we have read.


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