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Term 2 2018-19

Term 2 2018-19

Our learning this term


The children have thoroughly enjoyed their second term in Year 1 and are now very familiar with their daily routine.


Our topic this term has been Moon Men. We have had all sorts of fun from learning about Neil Armstrong to designing and evaluating rockets, writing poems about the moon and creating algorithms. The children’s homework project was to create a moon and we were amazed by some of their work! Towards the end of term, the children enjoyed learning the Christmas story, designing their own wrapping paper and writing a letter to Santa.




We are delighted with the progress the children are making in their literacy. We started the term by learning ‘Beegu’ which tells the story of a little alien who finds herself lost on planet Earth. The children loved the story and the writing they did about it was wonderful. We have also introduced the children to several grammatical concepts including the use of the suffixes ‘ing’ and ‘ed’ and the rule when using ‘y’ at the end of words. Having learnt the rules associated with each, we have seen such an improvement in their spellings. When working with your child at home, keep practising sentence writing with a particular focus on making sure they are using their capital letters, finger spaces and full stops as this will stand them in very good stead for term 3.



We have been very busy with our Maths too. 2D and 3D shapes, number bonds to 10 and 20 and addition and subtraction are just a few of the concepts we have covered. Next term we are starting our Maths learning with capacity. Over the holidays keep practising these concepts – particularly their number bonds as these form the foundations of much of our maths work in Year 1.



Some of the highlights of this term have been our visit from Warburton’s, who came into talk to the children about healthy eating and helped them to make delicious healthy sandwiches, our visit from children’s author E. L Reilly and our talk on road safety. Our grown-up gift sale and Christmas fayre were both a resounding success and we thank you for your support with both.



Next term our topic is Under the Sea. We have a very exciting first day planned for the children! If you have any books at home about the sea then do bring them in!


We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and we look forward to continuing our learning journey with the children next year.


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