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Term 1 2020-21

Term 1 2020-21

Our learning this term


Understanding and celebrating Diwali

By making lamps and creating Rangoli patterns in our RE lessons, we got a glimpse of what it must be like for our Hindu children to celebrate Diwali. Good fun was had by all!





Shapes everywhere!

We enjoyed exploring shape last term. To show our understanding, we made wanted posters for a variety of different polygons. We also investigated and drew some symmetrical patterns.




The Miraculous Journey

Year 4 experienced their first novel study of the year when we read “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane” during the first few weeks. The children imagined themselves as Edward, sharing his thoughts via internal monologue from the bottom of the ocean. They also wrote letters from Edward to his original owner, Abilene, explaining the “miraculous” journey he had embarked upon.


In the latter part of the term, we also learnt what fables are and why they were originally written, reading many different examples to compare and contrast. Finally, we had a go at writing our own fables, which have been shared with year 1.


Living things and habitats

In science, we explored our allotment garden to help us better understand the living things we might find there. Through using Venn diagrams, we were able to compare different living things and classify them.


A Great American Roadtrip

The children enjoyed developing some new map skills and also understanding physical and human features of North and South America in our geography topic. We learnt some interesting place names too!



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