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Term 1 2020-21

Term 1 2020-21

Our learning this term


Just a few of the highlights from Year 5 in Term 1


There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom by Louis Sachar.


This term in English, we have really thrown ourselves into our class novel; There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried and we’ve been stunned into silence while hearing about the mishaps and unfortunate events of Bradley Chalker’s life. We have studied everything from his relationships with others, his necessary bond with his various toys and delved into the darkest parts of his emotions to understand why Bradley is the way he is. We almost know him so well he could be a member of the year 5 team! We have seen him battle with his parents, his classmates, his teachers and his counsellor and witnessed him come out the other side not as a monster but as a friend to many. We have had many sensitive conversations around bullying and inclusion. We have written some of the most wonderful bits of writing (that show just how well we understand Bradley) including Internal Monologues, character descriptions and our very own contemporary stories.


The Anglo Saxons


We have had great fun debating this term, the idea that the Anglo Saxons lived in the dark ages. Although we can agree that the idea that in many aspects of their life the Anglo Saxon’s didn’t make much progress in the majority of the aspects of their lives for example farming or building processes, there is no denying when it came to weaponry, defense and communication The Anglo-Saxons made undeniable progress. We explored all these aspects of Anglo-Saxon life in great detail. We produced our own Anglo-Saxon masks thinking about how the soldiers protected certain parts of their face. We also made our own Anglo-Saxon rune stones to show a message of our choice and designed and created a hessian bag to carry them in!




In Science, we have enjoyed finding out about the materials that can be found all around us. We have discussed sorting materials by properties and the different functions of certain materials. We have carried out a number of different experiments investigating what solids dissolve in water and the best methods for filtering mud and water!

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