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Term 1 2020-21

Term 1 2020-21

Our learning this term


We have taken a journey back in time to the Stone Age when looking at the story Stone Age Boy. This has been used as a stimulus linked with our topic to write some amazing setting descriptions, as well as a set of instructions for how to catch a mammoth. Throughout the term, we have been listening to a range of Stone Age tales by Terry Deary and we were particularly inspired by The Great Storm. This inspired us to write detailed character descriptions. We are extremely proud of our writing, and would love for you to ask about how we wrote it!





This term, we have been working very hard to understand place value and number. We have looked at how to partition a 3-digit number into hundreds, tens and ones which helped us when we started to learn about column addition and subtraction.  It was very exciting learning these new methods and we are looking forward to practising them at home! We have also been revising our 2s, 5s and 10s timestables and started learning our 3s.  We have also been learning about data handling and presenting data in bar graphs.


Guided Reading

Throughout the term we have been doing lots of reading and using a range of skills to answer questions about a text. We’ve learnt about the skill of summarising using the “Someone, wanted, but, so” method to summarise what has happened in that chapter or in the whole text. We have also looked at making conclusions from a text by explaining how it is linked to the overall meaning or structure of a text. It is important that we remember to read at least 5 times a week!



In science, we have been learning all about rocks, soils and fossils. We conducted a range of class experiments including: classifying and sorting different types of rocks, analysing what different elements make up soil, observing soils different layers and looking at how fossils are formed.



We have been very excited about learning all about the Stone Age! In our History lessons, we have been looking at when it was and the different periods within the Stone Age (Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic) comparing how they were similar and how they were different. In computing, we’ve been very excited to learn about typing skills as well as looking at coding. We’re thrilled about creating animations next term. Within our art lessons, we have had a go at making our own cave paintings as well as looking at how to do a self-portrait.




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