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Term 1 2020-21

Term 1 2020-21

Our learning this term


Year 2 have had a very busy first term back at school! Everyone has worked incredibly hard to get back into the swing of things and we have seen a dramatic improvement in the children’s focus and behaviour over the term; we are all very proud of how resilient they have been. Some highlights of Term 1 included…



Our special Topic days have been a firm favourite this term! On our first Science day we learned all about the weather; we looked at the different symbols, the correct language to use when describing the weather, and wrote some wonderful weather reports.


Our second Science day, in Week 6, took us on some great adventures! On this day we learned all about habitats and the animals that we might find in them. We started on a global scale, looking at desert, tropical, arctic and ocean habitats and discussed how certain wildlife was suited to living in these places. We then focused in on Britain’s habitats and discussed the kind of wildlife that we might find in urban areas, woodlands, ponds and by the coast. We went pond dipping in our very own makeshift pond and loved identifying the creatures that we found in there! Our final activity of the day took us on a mini-beast hunt around the school; we were looking for different microhabitats and were able to identify quite a few around our school grounds.




Other Topic learning has included our Geography afternoon, where we learned about the countries of the United Kingdom and their capital cities, and our Art morning where we developed our sketching skills and created some wonderful self-portraits.




We have been working on a range of skills in our English lessons this term. The children loved reading ‘The Storm Whale’ and discussing what they would do in Noi’s situation! This story helped us to learn about statements, exclamations and questions, adding ‘ed’ to verbs and using conjunctions. We also put our day of mini-beast adventures to good use and wrote some excellent recounts of what we did, using all of the spelling, punctuation and grammar features that we learned about when studying ‘The Storm Whale’.



In Maths this term, we have done lots of work on place value. We have looked at how to partition numbers in a variety of ways; we practised making numbers out of dienes and then drawing the dienes, which we sometimes call beans and sausages! Year 2 have also developed their addition and subtraction skills. We built on the skills learned in Year 1 and used this as a foundation to move on to the addition and subtraction of two-digit numbers. We have been practising counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s and are now starting to look at reciting and recalling times table facts. Number bonds to 10 and 20 are something else that we revisit regularly, and would appreciate any help that you can give at home to learn these off-by-heart!



We have been very impressed with the amount of effort that has gone into some of the homework projects this term. The children have enjoyed collecting their points to find out who would be receiving a certificate or a special treat!

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