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Term 1 2020-21

Term 1 2020-21

Our learning this term


We teachers are very much looking forward to welcoming our classes back to school after half term.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our first term. We were amazed at how quickly the children settled back into their school routine, particularly after so long at home.


We begin every day with phonics in which children are taught to read and write a new sound. The better their phonics is, the better their reading will become and we have been delighted with the progress they have already made this term. The children have been provided with login details for Oxford Owl which has some excellent phonics resources should you wish to practise with them at home.


We read with each child daily through our structured guided reading sessions. Each group reads the same book every day for a week which really helps the children to improve their fluency and comprehension skills as well as their confidence. It is important that you read with your child every day too as well as ask them questions to check that they have understood the story. Make sure that you write in your child’s reading record so that we know they are reading with you at home. We assess your child’s reading at the end of each term and it is likely that they will move up to a new and more challenging book next term.


In English, we have been working on improving the children’s sentence writing with a particular focus on capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. It has been great to see the children using their phonics and their Fred fingers to sound out the words carefully. Towards the end of the term we challenged the children to use the conjunction ‘and’ to make their sentences longer and more interesting. We have provided your child with a login for Education City which has some excellent English resources. We would also encourage your child to write a daily sentence over the holidays – perhaps they could keep a little half term diary as the more they practise, the more confidence they will gain.


We have been working hard in our daily maths lessons too. We started the term with some basic number work which included counting and number writing before moving on to addition, subtraction and number bonds to 10. Again, Education City and Purple Mash are both great resources with lots of interactive Maths games which the children will love.


Every afternoon the children enjoy their theme lessons in which we cover geography, history, science, art, DT and PSHE. This term our topic, Out and About, was centred around learning about our school and local area. We have improved our painting and sketching skills in art, learnt some map skills in geography and found out about plants, trees and animals in our local environment in science.  The children loved bird watching and naming the birds they saw. 


We hope you enjoy the half term break and we look forward to continuing our learning journey with the children next term.



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