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Term 1 2020-21


Term 1 2020-21

Our learning this term


It’s great to be back in Nursery! 


It was lovely to welcome back some children who have returned to Nursery from last year. March was such a long time ago and they were happy to be back after so long away; it was as if they’d never been away! 


We had lots of new children start Nursery in September. It was hard leaving parents and carers for the first time but we have all settled in now and we finished the term with everyone happy, calm  

and engaged in their learning and play. Well done everyone! 


Our focus this term has been on settling everyone into Nursery, so that we all feel safe, secure and happy, ready to start building relationships with the adults and children, and also ready to learn. 


We have done well in learning the routines and rules of Nursery, for example how to tidy away a toy or activity when we have finished playing with it. We have also done well in developing our independence skills, for example practicing a new way to put our coats on by ourselves (see https://youtu.be/mUaRSG6a3JU


We have enjoyed spending a lot of time in the Nursery garden, taking our learning activities outdoors and exploring nature. 




We have also begun to focus on this term’s topic ‘All about me - marvellous me!’ We have sung songs about our bodies and started to learn about our senses. For example, we used our ears to listen to stories and sounds and to play games with musical instruments; we also used our eyes to hunt for colours. 


We looked for different colours of Autumn leaves.



Our topic continues next term and we will also be thinking about Celebrations, including Diwali and Christmas. 


Parent telephone consultations are on Tuesday 10th and Thursday 12th November. We look forward to talking with parents/carers to share your children’s successes and discuss next steps in their development and learning.


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