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Term 1 2019-20

Term 1 2019-20

Our learning this term


The year six children have had a great start to the new school year.  We had a busy term and enjoyed learning about the history of Reading.  This included a trip into Reading where we spent the day investigating the evidence which can be seen today for Reading’s past.  We enjoyed looking around the town centre and discovered that so many of the building fronts had many different styles from different time periods. 


This term we had a visit from the Trooper Potts Foundation, where the children re-enacted the experience of saving Trooper Arthur Andrews by pulling the children on shovels during a shovel race. During this visit, the children learnt why Trooper Potts received the Victoria Cross for his actions during the First World War. The children were excited to have an opportunity to hold artefacts, such as weapons and try on helmets dating back to WW1.  The children had an amazing morning and produced some beautiful writing following this.


In English, we read ‘The Silver Sword’. The children spent time exploring what the world was like for the children in the story escaping from Poland and going on numerous adventures to try to get back to their parents in Switzerland. The children wrote descriptive pieces about characters and places and wrote a story in the style of Ian Serralier. In Maths, we have been learning long division and multiplication, developing the children’s understanding of how to use different operations to solve problems.  We have also been working hard on Arithmetic.


In DT we have been looking at biscuit tins linked to our history topic. When in Reading Museum the children sketched some of the huge variety of Huntley and Palmer tins and were inspired to design and make some amazing boxes.


In Geography the children had the opportunity to learn more about maps. How they are drawn, how to use them and what all those little symbols mean. The children discussed contours and attempted to draw a contour picture of a mini clothes mountain in the classroom.


We are very much looking forward to Term 2 and all that it brings!

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