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Term 1 2019-20

Term 1 2019-20

Our learning this term


The children have thoroughly enjoyed their first term in year 1 and are getting used to their new timetable.


We start each day with a phonics session. These are done in small groups and focus on teaching a new sound which the children have to say, read and write. These sessions follow the same format every day so the children know exactly what is expected of them. It is always great to see them applying their phonics to their reading and writing.


After phonics is English.  This term we have really been focussing on sentence writing. The children know that they have to remember a capital letter, fingers spaces and a full stop and focus on writing one sentence at a time.  They also know that we expect them to be an editor and to check their work! The progress that they are making has been wonderful to see.


Improving the children’s oracy skills has been another focus for year 1. You may have heard your children reciting nursery rhymes at home. This is because in our English lessons, the children have to learn, add actions, recite and then write a nursery rhyme. We have some wonderful little orators in year one; watching them grow in confidence has been lovely to see!


After break is Maths fluency, a short, pacey session which aims to really get the children thinking about Maths. We have covered a wide range of skills including counting in 2s, 1 more and 1 less, number bonds to 10, odd and even numbers, using a tens frame and comparing numbers using the vocabulary tens and units. This is new learning for many of the children and we have been delighted with the way they have embraced it. Our Maths lesson follows Maths fluency. A new skill is taught each day which the children apply either with a teacher, teaching assistant or independently.


Before lunch there is time for reading, this is an opportunity for the children to read their banded book independently, read with their teacher or TA.


In the afternoons we cover handwriting and topic work. Our topic for this term has been “I have a body”. We have had lots of fun naming our body parts, learning about healthy eating and our senses, to name just a few things! As part of our learning about healthy eating, the children made cheese and salad sandwiches ready for their teddy bear’s picnic. They enjoyed designing their sandwich and were keen to share them with their favourite bears! 


Towards the end of the term we have been working on our first history topic – Toys. This has involved us talking about the toys the children play with now and the toys children played with in the past.  We have had the chance to play with old toys and learnt some of the games they used to play including hopscotch, hoop and a stick and marbles.  The highlight was our time travel day, we all immersed ourselves in toys from the past and found out lots of fun can be had with old toys. 


We hope you have a lovely half term holiday and we look forward to continuing our learning journey together.

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