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Term 1 2019-20

Term 1 2019-20

Our learning this term



This term we have been all around the world! The children have loved teaching their classmates about their different countries and cultures and we have all been lucky enough to taste some truly delicious food! During this term the children have also taken part in three special theme days: ‘Around the World Day’, ‘Diversity Art Day’ and our ‘Germ Day’ science spectacular. ‘Around the World Day’ was a chance to revisit our Year One compass direction skills, as well as to learn to name and locate the seven continents and five oceans. On ‘Germ Day’ the children were taught a range of scientific skills such as making a prediction, observing over time and drawing a conclusion from their results. ‘Diversity Art Day’ was a chance for the children to show off their artistic skills - we hope you enjoy seeing the results below!





This term, we have been learning the story ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. The children all enjoyed broadening their vocabulary through reading the story and it has been wonderful to see them making some more adventurous word-choices in their writing! Many of the children are beginning to use expanded noun phrases in their writing, too. We have also started to look at instruction writing, and the features that instructions include such as bossy (imperative) verbs and time conjunctions. Next term, we will learn to distinguish between statements, questions and exclamations and will spend lots of time ensuring that our letters are all the same size in our handwriting.



Our learning this term has centred around two key skills: retrieval and inference. We are beginning to read longer texts in order to build up reading stamina and fluency. The children also thoroughly enjoyed taking part in various role-play scenarios based on our class texts and proved themselves to be very empathetic! 





In Maths this term the children have consolidated their knowledge of place value and addition and subtraction. We have been learning about the greater than (>) and less than (<) symbols and have been comparing numbers using these. The children have been learning about how to cross the tens boundary when adding and subtracting e.g. 26 + 37 by using, and then drawing, dienes (or beans and sausages!). Next term we will be learning about the properties of shape, finding fractions and will be using our 2, 5 and 10 x tables to solve multiplication and division problems.


We hope that everyone has enjoyed their first term in Year 2 and that the parents all enjoyed seeing the children’s learning in our class assemblies! Over the holidays, please continue to read daily, learn the 2, 5 and 10 x tables and you could even start to try telling the time!

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