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Term 1 2018-19

Term 1 2018-19

Our learning this term

During the first term, Year 5 has really settled in well taking on many of the new and exciting challenges that Year 5 brings. The children have all been extremely enthusiastic with regards to our new focus on oracy this year, challenging themselves to find and use new vocabulary while speaking and writing.


Our theme for Topic lessons in Term 1 was Vikings and Anglo Saxons where the children learnt the effects that these cultures have had on British history. We linked our theme into our English lessons, reading ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ as a whole class read, as well as writing stories based on the film. They have also learnt more about our local history by studying the Battle of Reading between the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. Year 5 then recreated the famous battle for experienceology. Following the recreated battle, the children linked this experience by basing this event into a New Report for English writing, learning new skills such as direct and indirect speech.



In Term 1, Science lessons focused on States of Matter, where the students learnt how some solids dissolve into liquids and some do not. The children were enthusiastic about learning how to use filtering and evaporation in order to remove some solids from the liquids after they had been dissolved.


Overall this has been a very positive start to the new school year with all Year 5 students taking on the new challenges and responsibilities expected of them. They have been focused and willing to learn and entirely a pleasure to teach. Year 5's team is looking forward to Term 2 and the opportunity to continue to develop our children even further.

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