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Term 1 2018-19

Term 1 2018-19

Our learning this term


Having been out foraging for kindling and firewood, we found out just how difficult it would have been for pre-historic man to start a fire … although at least the sun was shining! This year, Miss Hastings managed to use a flint and steel to light each fire, thanks to our excellent kindling and tinder! After that, we enjoyed a cheering yet smoky blaze and melted marshmallows and bananas.


When we learnt about Barney building a chimney from tin cans and an old bath for Stig in our class novel, “Stig of the Dump”, we could understand why he decided to do this due to the amount of smoke coming from the fires!


Year Four on Tour

Our historical study of the Stone Age and Iron Age was brought to life when we went to visit the pre-historic sites at Uffington.

The White Horse carved into the chalk hill was just as beautiful and mysterious as we imagined.


The ramparts of the hill fort proved to be even steeper than we thought – even after 3,000 years. The most fun was had running and even rolling up and down the steep slopes.


And Wayland’s Smithy (actually a Stone Age long barrow) was spooky and atmospheric.



The children were blown away by the far-reaching views from Oxfordshire’s highest point and marched happily along the Ridgeway between the two sites. Best school trip ever!


Celebrating Diwali

By making sweets, lamps and rangoli patterns, we got a glimpse of what it must be like for our Hindu children to celebrate Diwali. Good fun for all!










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