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Admissions to Primary/Infant/Junior Schools


Admissions to Katesgrove Primary School are determined by Reading Borough Council Admissions Department. Children living in the designated area of a school are given priority for admission but it does not guarantee a place at the school. It will depend on the number of applicants from the designated area. You can find out which is the designated area school for your home address by clicking on the link below. If there are more applicants living in the designated area than places available at the school then a place will only be offered if your child meets higher over-subscription criteria than other applicants. The guide for parents and carers gives information about how places have been allocated at schools over previous years and from this you can see if your designated area school has been over-subscribed in the past


If you would like to discuss any aspect of applying for a school place or how the places will be allocated you can talk to a member of the RBC Admissions Team 

School Admissions:  0118 937 3777


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