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Katesgrove Primary School Aspire to be the best we can!

Nursery: Acorns & Saplings

Welcome to Acorns & Saplings Classes!




Key Workers:

Miss H Bernardi, Miss K Harris, Mrs T Mulla, Mrs K Rai 



   Learning nursery rhymes

At nursery we will be learning a new nursery rhyme every two weeks 


Why are we doing it?

When children listen to a rhyme, they are hearing how words and sentences are created. Language development involves a combination of listening and speaking. Nursery rhymes help language development by increasing knowledge of vocabulary. Encouraging children to use nursery rhymes helps them develop their pronunciation and mouth muscles


There are many benefits from learning nursery rhymes. As well as language development, children can improve their auditory memory. Rhymes include repetition, and using familiar rhymes often enough will improve short and long-term memory. Many rhymes also include math skills, such as counting backwards from five. These kinds of rhymes increase knowledge of concepts and sequencing. Rhymes are fun and are useful for social development because the activity of reading or participating in a rhyme furthers the bond between child and adult

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Homework for Nursery children is to read a story with your child everyday at bedtime and talk about the book together.
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