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Year 5: Elm, Joshua, Mulberry

Welcome to Elm Class!

Class Teacher: Miss J Leadley

Teaching Assistant: Ms L Balabalova



Welcome to Joshua Class!

Class Teacher: Ms C Stewart

Teaching Assistant: Ms S Pallavaram



Welcome to Mulberry Class!

Class Teacher: Mr D Clark

Teaching Assistant: 


Our Learning Through The Year




Autumn Term 2


Year 5 on a Mission!

We have loved this term’s topic: Mission to Mars. We learnt all about the moon; its size, its orbit, its phases, conditions on the surface and the sky even cleared eventually so we could actually look at it. Do you know what a waning gibbous looks like?




Then we turned our attention to other planets, finding out their size, orbits and temperatures. These gave us some real numbers to compare and order in maths! We also took part in the NASA “Imagine Mars” project by choosing who and what we would need to take on a mission to the planet and even designing a colony!





In English, we researched the Apollo missions and wrote an explanation of how to get to the Moon. Following on from that non-fiction writing, we let our imaginations run wild. Using Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Day Out as inspiration, we created and wrote stories about a journey to the Moon.  A bewildering variety of aliens were encountered but, fortunately, most of them turned out to be friendly!




Finally, after researching the techniques of Jackson Pollock and Pointillism, the children created their own space-themed artworks. Much paint was splattered, spread, dripped and dotted to great effect. 



In the middle of the term, Mulberry presented a fascinating class assembly which both Elm and Joshua were able to watch. We really enjoyed the role plays on the subject of “respect”, which is this term’s value. Nor can we forget Sanit’s star turn as a mad scientist with Bhavya as his capable assistant


As the swimming and rugby lessons have drawn to an end, they have been replaced in the last two weeks of term by “Bikeability”. Representatives from Avanti Cycling have been teaching the children how to use their bikes safely – especially on the roads





In maths, we have been deepening our understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages. New Cuisenaire rods have helped us not only to understand equivalences but also to add and multiply fractions. Everyone achieved success and made progress. Some members of Elm class even prepared bags of sweets for sale at the Winter Fair in different fraction combinations



At the very end of term, we have been getting into the Christmas spirit. The children of Joshua and Elm classes were interested to ask members of the local Christian community what Christmas means to them. On a more secular note, we have been singing some Christmas songs and learning a very famous – and very long – Christmas poem: ‘Twas the Night before Christmas'


 We will leave you with its last words

“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”











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