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Term 5 2017-18

Term 5 2017-18


Our learning this term

In Term 5 Year 5 have focussed on Geography in Topic, particularly identifying the differences between two of the most well know cities in the world - London and New York. We compared these two cities, looking at their size, population and the famous locations within each city. Children had fun using Google Maps to take a virtual tour of these cities and to create a map of some of the must-see locations. We also observed the natural versus manmade landscapes of these mega metropolises, recognising how the environment has changed over the past few hundred years.


In Maths the children were able to successfully translate a two dimensional shape on a four quadrant grid and we developed our skills in reflection of a shape vertically, horizontally and diagonally. This helped them to better understand the features of a 2D shape as well as a 3D shape and prepared them when finding the volumes of shapes.


In English, the students worked really hard at writing a variety of different genres all based around the story of the Titanic. We started the unit off by having a whole day of experienceology where the children experienced what it might have been like to be either first, second or third class passengers on the Titanic. The students were able to use their writing of a Character Sketch, a Diary Entry and News Paper articles to support their independent Disaster Story in a much more creative and descriptive way.

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