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Term 5 2017-18

Term 5 2017-18

Our learning this term


Year 4 - fable tellers extraordinaire!
We started the term by reading a well-known fable, The Town Mouse and Country Mouse. We even acted out the story with finger mice puppets! This was the basis for our own fable writing. There were some great stories featuring a menagerie of different animals - the children (and adults) thoroughly enjoyed the unit. We published a class book in every class - we are all very proud of our work.

Later in the term, there was then a chance to write some sternly-worded letters to Mrs Telling, trying to persuade her we shouldn’t have our lunchbreak shortened and that we didn’t want houses built on our playground! The children fully embraced each scenario and wrote some effective letters that were very persuasive.


Around the world… again
We spent some time learning about biomes and habitats around the world. Did you know that there are 7 different biomes? We live in a temperate one in the UK. Children explored these and presented information on them to their classes. They also wrote postcards trying to persuade people to visit their chosen biome.


Decimals, animals and time-telling.
Oh yes, and we have found time to do some Maths and Science. The theme in Science has been animals - we have examined their habitats and how they live. We already knew lots about food chains and what they involve, so we had a good understanding of our incredible creatures already. What we learned was the types of habitats these creatures live in and how these develop. In Maths, decimals proved tricky, especially when we were solving problems to do with money and other decimal values. However, we came through the other side and then met our real nemesis…. telling the time! Many of us became more confident with digital, analogue and 24-hour clock but we still need to practise.


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