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Term 5 2017-18

Term 5 2017-18

Our learning this term


During Term 5, Year 6 continued to work hard, and finally sat their much anticipated SATs exams. In maths, we focused on improving our exam techniques and covering those subjects that we still needed support in. We also worked on word problems to tackle fluency problems and use reasoning skills to demonstrate their understanding. In Reading, we continued to focus on vocabulary, retrieving information and making inferences and deductions using quotes from the text as evidence. In Writing, the children improved their non-fiction writing skills by writing a balanced argument, a contrasting diary entry and a non-chronological report.


Some of the children went to Rushall Farm and had a fabulous time, even though the weather was challenging at the end of the week. Children participated in pond and river dipping, sweep netting, command tasks, canoeing and building dens. We enjoyed a long walk through the countryside to Bradfield College and enjoyed a swim in their pool. Each group enjoyed a trip to the farm to see the different animals which we learnt about and got to stroke them.



We all helped around the kitchen and enjoyed delicious food, including a BBQ. It was a pleasure to build relationships with children from the other classes.




Children who stayed behind, enjoyed taking part in ‘The Apprentice Week’, where groups were tasked to created their own cereal, made the boxes, created leaflets, adverts and posters to market their creation. Fun was had by all!

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