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Term 5 2017-18

Term 5 2017-18

Our learning this term



This term in English we began with focusing on the origins of superheroes and creating our own comic strips. We were able to meet the Magnificent Morphing Murphy and find out everything that a superhero does – even where they live! We used this to inspire our own stories of what we would do as a superhero and how we would become one.



To create our comic strips we used a piece of software called Comic Life which enabled us to import the pictures that we took of us acting out our Superhero stories and add in speech bubbles and our time conjunctions. They are really colourful and we will be displaying them for you to see.



To link in with our superhero theme, we collected data about our favourite superheroes and displayed this information in different types of charts and graphs. The children had a lot of fun collecting their data and managed to answer multi-step questions on their data.


To finish the term, we revisited our learning on ‘place value’ and showed the teachers what we knew and what we still needed to practise. Telling the time was another focus this term, which we found quite tricky so we will be revisiting this again this term. Please help us by asking us to tell the time at home whenever you can.


Guided Reading

We have thoroughly enjoyed reading the tale of Traction Man this term which is all about a superhero action figure saving the world! We were able to write our own inference questions which we swapped with the other classes to find the answers. Keeping to the topic of superheroes we were able to compare and contrast different superhero stories,



We had to create an amazing structure using marshmallows and spaghetti that had to stand the test against the villainous Mr Fan! We created and performed our own superhero theme tunes to a variety of percussion instruments. At the end of term, we learnt all about the work of Hunderwasser and created our own camouflage building/world to go with our superhero headquarters.





In Science this term we have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about forces and magnets, especially creating our own uniform to protect ourselves from the evil Magneto. We also created a fair test to see which surfaces created the most friction. We drew a bar chart that linked beautifully to fit in with our Maths statistics work.


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