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Term 4 2017-18

Term 4 2017-18

Our learning this term


Has it really only been five weeks ?

So much has happened!

Year 4 in Chains!

Well – only in play. Through a game, the children discovered what happens if a food chain is unbalanced. Starting with a food chain typical of Waterloo Meadows …


We acted out what would happen if the number of frogs increased … disaster for everyone! With a real understanding of how animals in a food chain are interdependent, we enjoyed constructing food chains for different habitats. However, when we followed up with a visit to our local habitat, we were disappointed. On three of the coldest days of the year, the Year 4 classes trotted off to Waterloo Meadows only to find all the wildlife had made the sensible decision and stayed at home in the warm. Which leads us to …



You wait a lifetime (and it really is a lifetime for children in Year 4) for a decent snowfall and it comes on Around the World Book Day. The fun went on regardless. In fact, snow and sub-zero temperatures were actually very appropriate in Cedar class which, temporarily, had become Russia. Here, the children went on a train trip from Moscow to Asia and the Pacific – or up to the Arctic Circle. We all agreed the Russian witch, Baba Yaga, who lives in a hut with chicken legs, was decidedly strange. Warmer temperatures were to be experienced in Mangrove class where the children visited Egypt along with Tintin. They returned with artefacts from Ancient Egypt in the form of papyrus scrolls or a sarcophagus! Finally, Cherry Class experienced the world of the Brothers Grimm when Mrs Croxon read them one of their well-known stories, the Elves and the Shoemaker, in German. The children made their own storyboards and even wrote in German. Sehr gut!



Having developed a taste for travel, Year 4 spent a morning touring Europe. They picked up a smattering of different languages, became familiar with some famous land-marks (including the Eiffel Tower and the Colosseum) and tried a few foreign breads. With this experience to inspire us, we threw ourselves into a comparative study of Reading and its twin town, Düsseldorf. We found many similarities; thriving commercial towns, famous rivers, nearby areas of outstanding natural beauty and a love of football!


Spiders, Shapes and Symmetry

Oh yes, and we have found time to do some English and Maths. The theme for both our reading and writing has been animals – particularly scary spiders. We have written a report on our favourite friends, explained how they hunt their prey within a food chain and finished with some poetry. It has to be admitted, however, that, in spite of their usefulness and amazing “superpowers”, some of us (Mrs Croxon) still find them … terrifying!


In Maths, shape has been a theme. We represented both unit and non-unit fractions as shapes, showed fractions were equivalent through drawing shapes and found fractions of shapes and numbers (also represented as shapes). Of course, we the felt the need to investigate shapes more closely. Did you know a square is also a quadrilateral, a rectangle, a parallelogram, a rhombus and a kite? It also has a massive four lines of internal symmetry. Wow!

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