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Term 4 2017-18

Term 4 2017-18

Our learning this term


Year One have had a very busy term. It started with a Big Surprise – a giant egg in the hall! We can’t be sure what is inside it as it hasn’t hatched yet (due to the cold weather from the East) but most of us feel it must have come from a dinosaur…


We also celebrated World Book Day this term, but to make this day even more memorable we decided to travel ‘Around the World’ and read books that are relevant to the country being visited. ‘Around the World with a Book Day’ was a huge success and all children had an amazing opportunity to learn about different countries and their culture. The added bonus of snow made this a day we hope the children will never forget!



In Art we learnt about Fabergé eggs. We very much enjoyed using papier maché for the first time and we did everything ourselves. We had a great time designing our eggs, ripping up the newspaper for the papier maché and covering our balloons, painting our eggs and evaluating our finished products.



In Science we have learned all about common animals and how to classify them into different groups based on their characteristics as well as grouping them based on what they eat.




Despite all our recent calendar events, we have found some time for Maths and English this term too. In English we have been learning lots of spelling rules and are continuing to practise our basic skills (using our sounds, full stops, capital letters and the conjunction ‘and’). We learned a new story called ‘Who Am I?’ and had real fun innovating this story and creating our own version by changing characters and the setting. Year 1 children are getting more and more confident drawing their own story maps and writing the story by looking at them. In Maths we have learnt how to multiply and divide and are now experts at creating and interpreting arrays!



Thank you again for all the effort you have put into the homework projects - you have even taught the adults a thing or two about animals that lay eggs!





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