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Term 4 2017-18

Term 4 2017-18

Our learning this term



It has been a fantastic term in English as we have learnt some brand new skills of writing a play script. We looked at the works of William Shakespeare and performed our play scripts to the rest of the class. For some of us, this was the first time we properly read our work out loud to our peers and we practised showing different emotions through facial expression and tone of voice.


We finished the term by writing a recount of the tragic life of Julius Caesar – we wrote a newspaper article using the present perfect tense, which we found tricky to start with but soon mastered.



This term, we have been focusing on fractions which has put into practise our multiplication and division skills that we learnt last term. We liked to use practical resources to aid us and can now add and subtract fractions and find a fraction of a number.



Towards the end of the term, we looked at practising one of our life skills – adding and subtracting money. This will be very useful in our future and we would love to practise this more at home with you! We learnt how to budget by shopping online for ingredients for a healthy pizza and will be making and tasting them at the beginning of next term.


Guided Reading

Our main focus this term has been looking at how we can retrieve information from the text – we did this by looking for the exact phrase, reading around the phrase and reading the questions carefully. We studied the language of William Shakespeare and what his language translated into in Modern day English e.g. ‘bare-faced’.


Romans on the Rampage was a great book that we studied and we looked at retelling the main events of the story in the form of a timeline and we even wrote our own sentences using Shakespeare’s language!



We were researching the Romans this term, and thoroughly enjoyed looking at Roman foods and pizzas! We put into practise our symmetry skills and made our own Roman shields – we are looking forward to battling with these after half term. Who will win?!


We discovered that the Romans had their own number system, Roman numerals, which we have designed into plaques. We will be making these too after half term using mosaic tiles, just like the Romans! We were lucky enough to look at some real Roman coins and compare them to ours – they look so different!



Science this term made us very hungry! We have researched what different foods we need to eat to be healthy and designed the perfect healthy meal. We were happy to find out that we were allowed some fat in our diet, and that we need to eat 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. One portion is the size of the palm of your hand, that’s a lot of strawberries!


We then looked at how this healthy food makes a difference to how fit we are and how well our muscles move.



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