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Term 4 2017-18

Term 4 2017-18

Our learning this term



This term in topic we have been looking at The Great Fire of London. We learned about how the fire started, the reasons why it spread and how Samuel Pepys' diary described what it was like. On some exciting Great Fire of London days, we acted out the events of the Great Fire of London and watched how fire spread easily because the houses were made of wood and were close together. We compared the differences between what was used to put out fires in 1666 and what we use now.  While on our topic days, we learned about, and used position and direction to guide our partners around the fire and across the river to safety. We then used our knowledge of this to direct beebots across a map to get away from the fire. 



On a Science Day, we investigated different materials to find out what would be best for houses to be rebuilt with. We tested materials to discover their properties, including whether they are hard or soft and waterproof or absorbent.


Learning about the Great Fire of London allowed us to do some cross-curricular writing by writing diaries, imagining we were there when the fire happened and writing a non-chronological report with all the information we learned.


During an art day this term, we experimented with tints, shades and a range of textures to create artwork inspired by the artist Paul Klee.



In English we have been working to improve our writing by using a range of conjunctions and more interesting openers. We started off by looking at the story The Three Javelinas and used it to help us write our own story of 3 characters going to build something. As mentioned above, we have written diaries by pretending we were there in 1666 and experienced what it was like in the Great Fire of London. We used all the information we found out to write a NCR. Lastly, we have been reading The Twits in order to write an interesting character description about Mr or Mrs Twit.



We have spent a lot of time this term working on subtraction and the methods we can use to answer questions. As well as learning about position and direction in our topic, we have also learnt how to tell the time to the nearest 15 minutes. We have been revisiting and practising using mental strategies to solve problems.



In our guided reading sessions we have been looking at Guess who’s coming to dinner, I am Strong and a non-fiction Great Fire of London text. We have been looking at links we can make between other books and stories we know and have been practising answering different types of questions based different texts.


Please keep reading with your child 5 times a week and asking them questions about what they have read.




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