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Term 3 2017-18

Term 3 2017-18

Our learning this term

This term our topic in Nursery was ‘Busy Bears!’


We focussed on the stories ‘Where’s My Teddy?’, ‘Peace at Last’, ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?’ and ‘All Better Bears’. The children have really engaged with these stories and were found re reading some of these to each other during free flow as they enjoyed the fact that their repetitive nature made them easy to recall. We drew story maps and used puppets to retell ‘Where’s My Teddy?’ and the children were then motivated to have a go at drawing their own story maps during free flow and at home! We have completed lots of activities to help the children develop their understanding of rhyming words and this story in particular helped them to hear those words that sound the same such as ‘teddy’ and ‘Freddy’.



The children learnt that books can be used to find information in and don’t always tell stories. We used non-fiction books and the internet to find out about bears around the world. We learnt the names of these bears and some interesting facts. We labelled the parts of a bear together and learnt some new vocabulary such as ‘paws’, ‘claws’ and ‘fur’. We found out what hibernation was and how bears sharp claws and teeth help them to eat and climb.



Our role play area inside the classroom was a woodland scene with a bear cave. The children enjoyed creating their own dens for the soft toy bears using the junk modelling.


We looked at pictures of old and new teddy bears and compared them, talking about their similarities and differences. We also got the chance to bring in our favourite teddies for the day! We shared these with our friends and had a teddy bears picnic together on the last day of term.


The children have loved using the doctor’s kits, so in the garden our role play area transformed into a vets surgery. The children have loved pretending to work on the vets reception, checking the animals in and pretending to be the vets, checking and treating the animals.


We had some new children start nursery this term and they are now full time, having settled well into the routines. Our starters from last year are growing in confidence every day and have really started to expand their friendships and develop their language.


Next term our topic will be ‘Brilliant Books’. We will focus on the books ‘Dear Zoo’ and ‘The Tiger who came to tea’. We have a trip planned to Waterloo Meadows where the children will be performing their version of ‘Dear Zoo’ to their parents. Our role play area inside the classroom will change to a post office where the children can use their problem solving skills to work out how to package the animals to “send them back” just like in the story ‘Dear Zoo’!



We no longer put specific toys out each week for the children to play with. We allow the children to make choices about what they would like to play with each day. We then follow their lead and support them in their chosen play which the children particularly enjoy as this ensures we follow their specific interests.


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