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Term 3 2017-18

Term 3 2017-18

Our learning this term



This term in topic we have been looking at Jungles. We received a special letter from National Geographic asking us to go and visit a new, undiscovered jungle called the Katesgrovian Jungle. During this experienceology, we had to build our jungle, create a campfire and construct anything else we might need during our expedition. We combined our topic with maths through making tally charts and pictograms of the animals we spotted. We also looked in depth at measure through estimating and measuring: the length of leaves and vines, the temperature of the water and the weight of animal poo. In the afternoons we wrote some lovely jungle pieces of writing about describing a jungle setting, a diary entry of our adventures and an instructional text on how to be a jungle explorer. During this term we also had an exciting art day where we looked at the artist Henri Rousseau. Then we experimented with a range of techniques and materials to create some bold and beautiful pieces of jungle art.  




In English we have been looking at recounts. During this unit we got the opportunity to apply this to our topic with our diary entry of our three days in the jungle. We focused on using time conjunctions, adverbs and adjectives. We have also taken a look at poetry to expand our descriptive skills. We also used our skills from the previous term to write a character description of the character Max from the story Where the Wild Things Are. We looked at the poem ‘The Magic Box’ and wrote some wonderful poetry about what our magic box would have in it. Within this unit the focus was on using a range of description through adjectives, similes and expanded noun phrases. We are continuing to practise reading and spelling our common exception words and we are doing a fantastic job!



As well as our exciting maths within our topic lessons we also looked at multiplication and division, where we explored a variety of methods that could help us. We then linked this with learning about the inverse to check our answers as well as solving missing number problems. Later we looked at the commutative law and discovered that multiplication can be done in any order but division cannot.



In our guided reading sessions we have been looking at how to answer a range of questions about a book that we are reading. Don’t forget to make sure you’re reading 5 times a week!

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