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Term 3 2017-18

Term 3 2017-18

Our learning this term


Our Term 3 started with a pirate day. We had to walk the plank, print with fish, go on a treasure trail and make telescopes, eye patches and most importantly treasure maps.



In Geography we have been learning the points on a compass and we have used these directions to sail our ships to find treasure. Unfortunately, some instructions have misled a few of us to land on deserted islands or shark infested water instead of the ‘treasure island’.



In RE we have learnt all about how Jewish people celebrate Shabbat and what happens during this day. We have also looked at the work of the artist ‘Ivan Aivazovsky’ and have painted watercolour marine scenes in Art. In Science we have looked at the properties of materials and have decided which materials would be best to make a boat.



In Maths we have focussed on new concepts such as capacity, positional language and clockwise and anti-clockwise turns. We are also now fairly fluent in recognising different British coins and understanding their values and are confident in telling the time to the hour and half past.


In English we have been working hard on our story writing skills and how to edit our work. We have enjoyed ‘The Night Pirates’ and have acted out the story and written our own using story mountains and story maps.







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